Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear With Running Shorts?

Are you supposed to wear underwear with running shorts? The answer is mainly based on the type of running shorts you consider wearing. However, you will find out a long-term debate on wearing or not wearing underwear with running shorts when running.

If you love to run, then you should know the necessities of wearing underwear for solid support. Still, many people confuse wearing underwear with running shorts. So, thinking about those confused people, I have prepared this write-up to clear out their doubts.

Recently I have tried and applied different approaches with my running shorts and underwear to give you the best solution and help to choose the most suitable system for you.

Some General Rules Of Wearing Garments Under Your Shorts

Though it is not acceptable to wear underwear under your running shorts. But many people do. Wearing underwear under running shorts can create more irritation.

Many super comfy, breathable, and premium quality running shorts with innerwear is now available in the stores – that can pretty easily take you away from all sorts of discomforts and irritation.

Most people purchase sportswear based on the current trends. Still, if you look for sportswear, it has to be more comfortable than its fashion or appearance statement.

Because while working out or running, you will definitely become sweaty and due to repeated rubbing chafing occurs. In fact, buying the appropriate sporting wear will increase your comfort and avoid chafing.

Keep in mind – it is predominantly essential to stop wearing anything beneath your sportswear.

List The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Underwear While Exercising

Once in a while, some circumstances may arrive where you need to wear underwear with your running shorts and you can not avoid such conditions. Wearing undie underneath your running shorts assists to trap the sweat and dampness that may result in harmful bacterial or microbial growth in the long run.

In case you need to wear underwear under your shorts then you should choose the fabric material very carefully. The moisture-wicking fabric material is the best choice because it can effectively trap sweat and keep you dry.

Sports underwear can be the best pick as it keeps you dry by sucking away the unwanted moisture. Its high-quality material can easily soak up the produced sweat and heat.

However, recently many brands have started to manufacture some best quality running shorts with high-end features and the latest antibacterial properties to ensure healthy lifestyles.

Location Or Timing Where Wearing Underwear Is Necessary

There is no generally accepted rule about the appropriate timing of wearing underwear. As mentioned earlier if the situation arrives, you can wear the underwear under your shorts.

But it is mandatory to check the fabric quality and material to avoid unwanted chafing. While considering the conditions, it is best to wear shorts with built-in underwear, where you can go without undies.

Here are some reasons why you can wear underwear while running –

  • Provides better support
  • Can reduce chafing
  • It needs less washing

What Type Of Underwear Should You Wear With Shorts?

You must be wondering – what type of underwear should I wear with shorts? Just in case you make up your mind to wear underwear with shorts – then it is very crucial to select the right type and material of underwear. There are a few tips to assist you to make the right selection and making your investment-worthy –

  • Keep away from thongs. Because many researchers claim that thongs can create irritation and infection. So, wearing a thong when working out or running can cause skin irritation and increase the chance of hemorrhoids.
  • You can consider cotton underwear because of its better breathability and better moisture absorbing feature. By absorbing moisture, it can also prevent the sweaty odor.
  • You should not wear anything with your shorts that can create discomfort, chafing, and skin irritation problems.

Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear With Running Shorts?

If you are supposed to wear underwear with running shorts, then you must know – is underwear safe to wear under running shorts? The normally accepted rule is not to wear underwear below your running shorts.

The practical reason for this practice is – wearing undies beneath your running shorts creates an additional fabric layer that can lead to some skin irritation issues.

But if you are a newbie in the running track, then you must practice not wearing undies under your shorts. Since, the extra lining can create skin irritation, chafing, and also discomfort.

Nevertheless, the running shorts are made from high-quality moisture-wicking fabric to increase your comfort level and keep you dry and ventilated.

You will find many trustworthy manufacturing companies or brands use polyester material for their running shorts to ensure –

  • Stretchable
  • Manage the dampness and keep you dry
  • Avoid chafing
  • Appropriate fit design

Why Don’t You Need Underwear With Running Shorts?

Do you wear underwear with running shorts? But in recent days, you will find thousands of superior quality running shorts with built-in underwear. In fact, you do not require to put this additional layer.

It is wise not to wear underwear with running shorts when running because it offers better breathability, ensures hygiene, prevents chafing, and gives an attractive look.

Why Do Shorts Have Underwear – Major 5 Reasons

In case, you never use running shorts with built-in underwear. You may use it once and find out the difference. Here are some major five reasons why running shorts with built-in underwear are always the finest pick –

#1. Moisture Wicking

The shorts come with built-in underwear and the used fabric is moisture-wicking fabric. Usually, moisture-wicking fabric is a uniquely designed fabric to absorb unwanted moisture produced by sweating. Moisture-wicking fabric is used in many high-speed sports clothing

The advantages of using moisture-wicking fabric –

  • Keep you cool and dry in the hot temperature
  • Prevent bacterial growth and also hypothermia
  • Easy to maintain and care of
  • It does not shrink or fade up
  • Ensures comfort by breathability and cooling capabilities

#2. Does Not Ride Up

As we all hate tops, pants, or shorts that ride up mostly while working out or running. However, the workout shorts include built-in underwear, that’s why there is no chance to ride it up when working out except if you choose the wrong one.

For this reason, shorts with underwear can be a great solution for runners. As they do not need to pull their shorts in the middle of their running track. So, you also do not need to feel embarrassed to the fellow runners.

#3. Built-in Makes Breathing Better

Shorts with built-in underwear in workout clothing are mostly designed to be thinner. Plus, as mentioned earlier they are crafted from moisture-wicking fabric. As a result, it provides better breathability.

#4. Stops Chafing

Shorts with built-in underwear prevent chafing. As it has been perfectly crafted to complement the shorts themselves. Also, the moisture-wicking material helps to stop chafing.

#5. One Less Layer In The Heat

While running or working out, few people like to wear cotton panties under the built-in underwear. As it can be comfier for them up to now it does not become super hot so far.

As the built-in underwear are very thin. That’s why it will feel like one less layer in the heat if you can carry on the outfit without separate underwear.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Running Shorts for You?

Running shorts may look like simple attire. Though you need to put some further effort into choosing the right running shorts for you. While picking the right running shorts you should consider –

  • The suitable length of your running shorts as you will find so many varieties such as – short length, medium length, or long length.
  • You need to choose the correct type of running shorts from the trail runner’s shorts, track runner’s shorts, roadrunner’s shorts, etc.
  • Never pick running shorts that keep the moisture while running.

Exclusive Advice While Putting on Exercise Underwear

Wearing underwear with your sports attire is completely okay when you are doing exercise. Still, you must choose the material that is breathable and comfortable.

Underwear Tips For Women

  • You should consider the underwear with flat seam design.
  • Never go for the lace ones.
  • If you are going to wear loose shorts then you can wear underwear with a long inseam to stop chafing.

3 Best Women Underwear Models

  1. Balance Tech Underwear
  2. Runderwear Women’s Briefs
  3. Balanced Tech Seamless Thong

Underwear Tips For Men

  • Despite exposing itself, your underwear should offer enough support and comfort.
  • You can choose boxer briefs to stop wedgie and chafing

3 Best Men Underwear Models

  1. Runderwear Men’s Boxer Brief
  2. ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-go Boxer
  3. Smartwool Sport 150 Boxer Brief

What Length Of Running Shorts Should I Go For?

There is no clear-cut rule about what is the appropriate length of running shorts. You will find shorts type for trail, track, or road. So, pick the most suitable and comfortable one for you.

Shorts For Trail Runners

These shorts can offer extra support and protection to the trail and urban runners. Also, make you feel comfortable even on the longer running routes.

Running Shorts Explainer

The track runner usually needs super lightweight shorts, so that they can move freely for aggressive sprints. Besides, it ensures comfort in the long steps of distance running.

Shorts For Road Runner

The roadrunner requires a versatile undergarment that can ensure your comfort in both the sun or rain.

A Curious Underwear Choice For Sports: Thongs

Thongs can be a good alternative. They can provide enough comfort and support as compared to any full-coverage underwear when hitting the treadmill or running on the track.

How to Select the Best Men’s Thong For Exercise

While selecting a men’s thong for exercise, you need to choose the right material and fabric. Always remember that synthetic fabric is a better choice than cotton. Because it can soak up a sweat faster.

Also you can choose spandex or lycra to feel like a free bird while running or doing exercise. A perfect thong always makes a balance between a close fit and free movement.

While purchasing the right thong, you should remember – it needs to provide you full support, absorb moisture, and deliver maximum comfort.


What Do Guys Wear Under Running Shorts?

Though there is no hard and fast rule, many people like to wear traditional underwear under their running shorts. However, it can be allowable. But remember it can cause severe problems in the long run. So, the best choice is to wear the built-in underwear running shorts.

Can I Wear Compression Shorts All Day?

Compression shorts can cause problems if you wear them all day long. As they are moisture-wicking and close fit, so for prolonged use, you may face some health risks.

Can I Wear Underwear With Running Shorts With Liner?

No, you should not wear underwear with running shorts with liner. If you do not like running with liner, then you can put it off and only wear the underwear under your shorts.

Do You Wear Underwear With Compression Shorts?

No, you do not need to wear underwear with compression shorts. As you do not require them. Compression shorts help to keep your muscles in place, also keep them cool and dry.

Do All the Athletes Wear Underwear?

Mostly it is up to your personal taste and preference. Usually, people wear athletic underwear. Many women use to wear commando as it is cozier.


So, are you supposed to wear underwear with running shorts? Mostly the choice of wearing or not wearing underwear with shorts depends on your personal choice and preference.

Besides, you should decide what suits you the most and consider the type of running shorts you want to wear. Keep these important factors in mind to make the best purchasing decision for upgrading your running performance.

Ultimately whether you wear underwear when running or not, it will completely be your personal decision.

Happy Running!


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