How To Make Your Bulge More Noticeable | Simple Solution with Effective Tips

How to make your bulge more noticeable? However, first off, you should understand why you need to make your package look bigger?

Almost most men all over the world want to know – how to boost their bulge. However, most women out there, are not concerned about the size of the penis.  

But still, most men are trying to discover and apply various solutions to grab more concentration by increasing its size to their bulge.

Sometimes boosts the bulge, also enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem. Let’s try to find out the effective tips for you to make your bulge more noticeable. 

Why Do Men Want To Know How To Make Your Bulge Look Bigger?

Men can grab more female attention by noticeably boosting their package’s size. Furthermore, there are many men who want to enhance their self-confidence by making a bigger package image. Creating an appearance of a bigger junk image can boost up men’s mental ability to satisfy their women and also maximize their confidence.

How To Make Your Penis Pack Look Bigger?

Generally, it is known as penis packing. Penis packing is a traditional approach to enhance men’s self-esteem. It is nothing but makes your man organs look bigger and noticeable by creating an amazing bulge.

But you should consider a few factors while you go for penis packing. First, you need to consider your comfort level. As you add extra packaging so it might feel crowded in your underwear. Sometimes, it may cause sweating or other skin irritation.

How Can I Make My Bulge Look Bigger?

Are you worried about your bulge? And want to make your package look bigger in jeans. So, it is time to look at possible solutions.

  • Try loose-fit jeans

You should stop wearing tight-fit jeans. Instead of wearing tight-fitting jeans, consider loose-fit jeans or choose not to wear very tight-fit jeans. So, if you want to look your bulge bigger, then go for light, thin, and loose-fitting jeans.   

  • Use a cock ring

Cock ring is a popular solution to increase penis size. By trapping the blood flow in the penis, it looks bigger. But remember, using a cock ring for a long time can damage the blood vessels of the penis – which may cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Wear a suspensory

A suspensory helps to keep the testicles up. Usually, it is a jockstrap underwear pair. Try to use a well-designed and top-rated brand’s jockstrap. 

Best Underwear To Make Your Package Look Bigger

Not every man feels comfortable wearing a cock ring or suspensory, also it is not healthy to use them for the long term. So, there are plenty of styles, comfy, and branded underwear available in the store. You can choose to make your package look bigger.

#1. iKingsky Men’s Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear

This premium quality undie comes at an affordable price. It gives a smooth, light, and comfortable feel. Since it comes with high-quality fabric construction. 

It is the best thong underwear that makes you look bigger. And also creates a noticeable push-up effect. So that bulge is sure to look bigger and attract some attention.

#2. Rounderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk 

These super comfy padded boxer trunks include a special front compartment for a push-up effect. It includes a removable pre-shaped cup.

Rounderbum Men’s package is one of the best-padded underwear that makes your bulge more noticeable and an option to grab attention. This comfy undie provides extreme bulk. So, it is perfect for an average or small-sized package.

#3. iKingsky Men’s Pouch G-String Underwear 

iKingsky Men’s Pouch G-String Underwear is the best and perfectly sized G-string underwear that makes you look larger. Another advantage is – its comfortability. It has a 3D pouch for bulges to look bigger.

This high-performance and high-quality undie are made from sports-mesh woven fabric. It provides a cozy pouch, minimal coverage, and amazing support.

#4. YuKaiChen Men’s Briefs Low Rise Bikini Bulge Enhancing Underwear 

YuKaiChen Men’s Bulge Enhancing Underwear is the best bikini brief underwear that makes your bulge more noticeable. This tagless designed undie gives you extreme comfort. Its back design offers full butt coverage.

This undie incorporates special stitching technology to keep up its original quality. It is exceptionally breathable and snug-fit to wear all day long.

#5. LAPASA Men’s Trunks 4-Pack Cotton Stretch Underwear with Fly Comfort Soft M03

The premium quality waistband of this underwear is stretchy enough to give a comfy fit. This lightweight designed underwear is highly crafted and well-tailored.

It is simple to tear off and does not cause skin irritation. So, this undie is crafted with modal and spandex to provide comfortability and durability. 

Exclusive Tips to Choose the Best Underwear 

You will find different types and brands of underwear in the store. So, before purchasing one, you should consider a few facts –

Prioritise Style 

There are different types of undies available such as padded underwear, push-up underwear, jockstrap underwear, and so on.

Moisture Control

Moisture control is a very important factor while choosing underwear. All of your money and effort will go in vain if your undie becomes sticky and sweaty.

Focus on Comfortability and Durability

Comfortability is one of the most considerable facts while purchasing underwear. Also, you need to focus on the material, quality, breathability, and comfortability.

How Do I Get A Bigger Package Naturally?

Do you want to know how you make your bulge underwear look bigger naturally?

There are many effective ways to get a bigger package naturally – 

  • Herbal & Supplements

You will find tons of herbs and supplements to grow your package such as L-Citrulline, Maca root, Ginkgo biloba, etc. 

  • Exercises

A wide range of exercises that assist to enhance the bulk of your package. Kegels, cardiovascular exercise is very effective to make your package bigger naturally.

How Do I Minimize My Bulge?

If you want to look for some solutions to minimize your bulge, then you can try out some of the mentioned below –

  • Jeans

It can be your best or worst buddy when it comes to bulging. A high-waisted cut design helps to look your stomach slim and avoid bulging.

  • Posture

Correcting your poor posture will also give an impact. Try to sit upright, it will help your package hang more naturally.

  • Suits And Slacks

Loose fit undies are not particularly suggested for minimizing the bulge in slacks. Because you need to put everything on display.

  • Gym Shorts

These are very thin, so they are good for ventilation. You can put it on like compression shorts. 

  • Underwear

Your underwear can minimize your bulge. The most effective way to minimize bulge minimization is to wear compression underwear.

  • Shorts

You can use large shorts. Because it will give you extra space without being too loose-fitting. 


How Can I Make My Bulge Look Bigger?

To make your bulge look bigger, you need to check what you are wearing first. You can make trials with various types of jeans. 

You can use packing tips or wear a suspensory to make your package look bigger. If you are looking for a short-term bulging, then cock-ring can be a better choice.

How to Say Goodbye To Erectile Dysfunction?

To say goodbye to erectile dysfunction – you need to be positive, adjust your sex life, or you can also visit a doctor if you want to.

You can use Male Extra. It is a male enhancement product that helps to boost erection.

Can I Use Skinny Jeans to Make Bulge More Noticeable? 

It is also a great option for creating a bulge. Though it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Trying to wear light, thin, and tight jeans – as it is the effective way to ensure your bulge is more noticeable, however, it is normal-sized.

Why Do You Want Your Package To Look Bigger?

To grab more attention from the female and create more opportunities to meet more potential female matches on dating sites, men should make their packages appear bigger. Also, it will increase their self-confidence and ability to satisfy their partner.

How Do I Make My Package Look Bigger In Jeans?

There are a few things you can follow to make your package look bigger in jeans. Try to use light, thin, not too tight-fitting jeans, so that your package can appear bigger in jeans. However, having a normal-sized.

Many men use packing tips to make their package bigger in jeans. Besides, using a cock ring or suspensory can also be a good alternative solution.


There can be many reasons to make your bulge look bigger in jeans. By now, you will find out how to make your bulge more noticeable. Applying these tips mentioned in this post will definitely assist you to grow your bulge. 

You can try to wear a specially designed and comfortable undie, suspensory, or cock ring to make your bulge more noticeable!

It will not only help to grab women’s attraction but also help to build self-confidence and increase self-esteem. You can also combine herbal and supplements with exercise to boost up naturally.


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