How To Get Smell Out Of Underwear | 7 Best Solutions for You

Want to know How to get smell out of underwear? However, it is a taboo topic, but many people are silently searching for an effective solution to get out of this problem.

Everyone wants to start a day with a fresh smell when they get dressed. But smelly underwear can make this plan rusty.

Smelly underwear not only hampers your self-confidence but also can cause infection or other health complications.

Fortunately, we will show you how to get rid of a powerful odor from your underwear. So that you can leave the smelly underwear and stay odor-free all day long.

Why Do Underwear Smell So Bad?

Do not get embarrassed if your underwear smells so bad and you don’t know how to get smell out of underwear. Everyone will face this incident in their daily lives from time to time.

Because of many reasons including your underwear fabric material, lifestyle, diet, etc – your underwear can smell. Hot weather, continuous sweating can also cause smelly underwear.

But if you go through a strong smell every single day, then you need to focus on it. There are some possible reasons mentioned here why underwear smells so bad.

Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene is one of the most common reasons for smelly underwear. Maintaining good hygiene can stop any smell from your body, especially your private areas.

Also, bad hygiene can associate several health problems, chances of diseases, and some medical conditions. So, it is very important to take proper care of yourself.

Take bath regularly, take twice a day if needed, never use underwear for a long time, swap it after each day and wash it appropriately. It is better to use it once per day.

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If you live in hot weather or maintain an active lifestyle, then obviously you will have a lot of sweating. Sweating can cause bacteria and microbial growth, which leaves a bad smell.

Taking shower properly, using the right products, and changing your underwear regularly can decrease the bad smell due to sweating.

Underwear Fabric

Most of the men never think about the fabric or material of their underwear while purchasing. But it is very important to check the underwear fabric. Because it affects the smell of your underwear.

You can choose cotton and polyester fabric. As they are a great option from the very beginning due to their ability to absorb sweat and breathability.


There are few medications such as Paxil, Zoloft, or Cymbalta that can enhance sweating.  So, the chance of smelly underwear is very high due to heavy sweat.

Body Fluids

Sometimes body fluids such as urine or feces can also cause smelly underwear.


Some specific foods can temporarily affect body smell such as chili, onion, garlic, asparagus to get rid of the bad smell temporarily. So, try to pay attention not to eat these specific foods.

Why Should You Care About Smelly Underwear?

By following a few tips and instructions, you can change your smelly underwear into an odorless one.


Keeping good hygiene can reduce the chance of sweating thus bad smell. Excessive sweat can attract harmful bacteria and fungus that can affect your health. Also, it can cause a wide range of complicated infections.

Maintaining excellent hygiene is a must to get free from smelly underwear. You should also clean your underwear, take a bath daily, and have to take serious action if your underwear becomes smelly.

Self Confidence

No matter what happens to you – always you should feel confident enough to face any situation. Your strong self-confidence will make everything fine with your underwear.


You should wear comfortable underwear. The appropriate fabric, quality, texture, and right size to give better protection to your private body parts.

How To Get Smell Out Of Underwear – Best 7 Solutions

After knowing the possible causes, now it is time to find out some effective solutions to get the smell out of underwear.

Solution – 1. Odor Blocking Underwear

If you are sweating more compared to the average person, then you should use odor-blocking underwear. The odor-eliminating undies are specially designed for the people who sweat more.

Many brands are now starting to produce odor-blocking underwear with premium quality and comfortability.

  • Ejis Essential Boxer Briefs – This high-quality underwear can effectively block bad odor as it brings anti-odor technology. It is breathable, super comfortable, lightweight, and includes high-performance features.
  • Clevedaur Men’s Underwear – It is made from extremely soft fabric. Also, it is comfortable to wear and has good supporting briefs with antibacterial features. You will have a smooth feeling.
  • Smartwool Merino 150 Boxer Briefs – The product is super lightweight, soft, and comfortable. It is a better choice for intensive workouts and traveling. This undie protects you from sweating and chafing problems.
  • Separatec Men’s Underwear Bamboo Rayon Soft Breathable Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs – This underwear is naturally odor-free, instantly moisture-wicking, and comfortable. It also prevents skin irritation and sweat. This undie does an excellent job of keeping away the sweaty smell.
  • Marc Bishop Modal Men’s Boxer Briefs Luxury Performance Antimicrobial No-Fly Men’s Underwear – If you want a luxurious feeling, then you can use this undie. It minimizes sweating and it fits perfectly.

Benefits of Wearing an Odor Blocking Underwear:

  • Prevents sweating and chafing
  • Stops skin irritation
  • Provides comfortability
  • Eliminates the chance of bacterial and microbial growth

Solution- 2. Wash it With Lemon

Lemon is a great source for removing any kind of bad odors due to its acid properties. So, you can wash your underwear with lemon. First of all, you need to squeeze two or three lemons in hot water.

Then, soak your underwear boxers in the lemon mixed hot water for about ten minutes before putting them before washing or keeping them on the washing machine. It will definitely work for reducing the bad odor.

Solution – 3. Add Baking Soda

Many people also use baking soda for this purpose. Baking soda has been used for decades to eliminate any odor from your undergarments.

Before washing, you need to presoak your underwear with cold water and then add ½ cup of baking soda. Keep it for 15 minutes before washing.

Solution – 4. Try Vinegar When Washing

Vinegar is a good ally for cleaning any odors from your underwear, especially urine. It is better to use white vinegar as it is acetic acid – white vinegar can effectively work to neutralize any alkaline odors.

Mix ½  cup of white vinegar with detergent to wash your undergarments. You can also soak them in a sink before washing.

Remember, before washing your clothes, you should always see instructions on the label. As every fabric has some specific condition and you should be aware of it to ignore any unpleasant situation.

Solution – 5. Heated Washing Cycles

Washing your underwear in warm water is the most effective way to eliminate any bad odor from your undergarment and it also helps to kill harmful germs.

Solution – 6. Dry Your Clothes Faster

Try to dry your underwear as soon as possible. So, bacteria cannot develop and affect the smell of your underwear.

Solution – 7. Use Breathable Underwear Fabric

Use breathable underwear fabric – cotton can be a good choice to get rid of bad odor. You will find different branded breathable underwear in the market now.

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Why Do People Care About Smelly Underwear?

People care about smelly underwear because smelly underwear can hamper your image. Also, the powerful bad odor can be an indicator of health complications. So, everyone should be more alert and careful. And, need to consult with a doctor if you feel any unpleasantness.

Can I Reuse My Underwear?

It is better to use fresh underwear to start a new day. Try to have at least seven pairs of underwear in your collection. So, you never need to reuse your undie again. But remember, before using your underwear make sure you wash them properly.

How Often Should I Change My Underwear Frequently?

You should change your underwear after every six months. As after six months, your underwear will wear out and also It is not healthy to use them for more than six months.

Is It Bad To Wear The Same Underwear For Multiple Days?

Yes, it is bad and unhealthy to wear the same underwear for multiple days. Dirty and used underwear is a good place for developing bacteria, fungi, or yeast. Also, it can cause several infections and contamination.

Why Does My Underwear Smell Bad At The End Of The Day?

There are many reasons behind it. A bad smell comes from sweat. The vagina and vulva contain sweat glands. Also, in the menstrual cycles, you can feel a bad odor in your underwear. To get rid of this situation, you need to stay healthy and take a proper bath regularly.


Cleaning underwear is not a big task but sometimes removing the bad and powerful odor will become more challenging.

By now, you know the reasons for the bad odor in your underwear and also learn the best solutions of how to get smell out of underwear.

Since you know how to get smell out of underwear you can apply the solutions to leave that sticky underwear in the past and begin a new odorless journey!


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