Do You Wear Underwear With Long Johns | A Complete Discussion 

Do you wear underwear with long johns during the freezy days? Whether wearing underwear with long johns or not – mostly depends on your personal taste and climate

Still, it will be a great outfit during the wintertime for extreme coziness and body warmth. 

Long Johns are a notable addition to not only the fashionista’s winter closet but also to the commoners. Nonetheless, there is a little confusion regarding – should you wear underwear with long johns or how to wear long john? 

Keeping all the confusion aside, long johns work great as thermal underwear to protect your body. 

What Is a Long John – A Quick History of Long John 

Long underwear is known as long johns or thermal underwear. Basically, it is a style of two-piece underwear with long sleeves and legs. 

Long johns are a mostly used clothing item in the winter. Usually, it is a long-sleeved, short form, and a pair of underpants that starts from your waist and ends at your ankles. 

Normally people wear a long john in cold weather. In cold countries, people wear long john under their clothes. 

The long john was named after a famous boxer, John L. Sullivan in the 19th century, who used to wear this attire in the boxing ring. So, people called them ‘John Ls’ which was later turned into ‘Long Johns’. 

Do You Wear Underwear With Long Johns 

In terms of wearing underwear with long johns, it totally comes down to someone’s preference. 

Many underwear and long johns are designed to fit just like underwear. Compared to traditional underwear, this combined form is a bit loose and baggy. But you can comfortably wear it against your bare skin without wearing anything else. 

On the flip side of things, many people think long johns are nothing special but just like traditional wear. 

As mentioned earlier, wearing underwear with long johns completely depends on your taste. 

Why You Should Wear Underwear With Long Johns

Many people wear underwear with long johns as the long johns cannot hug their body just like underwear does. 

Moreover, long johns are crafted from synthetic materials that may cause skin irritation. In this case, a pair of underwear can protect you from skin irritation. Besides, it will offer better insulation. 

While considering hygiene factors, wearing underwear with long johns can protect you from unwanted odor and sweat. 

Why You Should Not Wear Underwear With Long Johns Think technically, long johns are nothing but underwear. So wearing a pair of underwear under your long johns is nothing but wearing briefs under boxers. In fact, sometimes it will become uncomfortable. 

If the long johns are made from pure cotton, then you can wear the long johns as underwear. Some people genuinely dislike wearing underwear as it clearly shows the linings of their underwear through the long johns. 

In the end, it will make more life more convenient and cozier, if you do not wear an extra layer of clothing. But for some cold winter months, it may become a dealbreaker for a few people. 

Pros and Cons of Wearing Underwear with Long Johns The advantages of wearing underwear with long johns are quite simple and straightforward. 

Wearing underwear provides more flexibility, better insulation, breathability, and does not entrap too much heat. Furthermore, it will make your favorite long johns a bit cleaner and will enhance your comfort level. 

Wearing underwear will also increase your long johns durability, as you can use your long johns without washing frequently. So, underwear helps thermals go longer without washing. 

On the flip side, many people feel wearing a pair of underwear under long johns can cause discomfort. 

How To Wear Long Johns 

Many of you want to know – how do you wear long johns? Usually, long johns are pretty easy to wear, but you need to wear them in the correct sequence for achieving maximum comfort. 

By entrapping the body heat, the thermal underwear keeps your body warm.

Wear your long johns first. You can wear normal underwear under it, but it is not mandatory. Then put on your socks and put your normal pants on the top of your long johns. 

Now wear the long John’s shirt. It is better not to wear any shirt beneath the long John’s shirt as it will become unbearable. 

Exclusive Tips For Selecting Thermals 

While selecting thermals, keep in mind – your thermals should be the appropriate fit for your body and also should be best suited to the weather conditions. If you want to wear underwear with your long johns – then you should select underwear that is light-weight, flexible, and breathable. 

Your thermals should handle the heavy lifting to keep your body warm. Thermals regulate your body temperature to keep your body warm. 

These thermals stay so close to your skin. So, sometimes it may cause skin irritation and abrasion due to heavy use. That’s why to select the right material and fabric. 

The ultra-lightweight, flexible, anti-microbial properties, durable, moisture-wicking feature, and comfortable underwear can greatly pair up with your long johns undoubtedly. 

If you are going on a trip in extremely cold weather conditions, then your ideal choices of fabrics are – spandex, nylon, lycra, and polyester. 

Rayon, bamboo, and corduroy fabrics are not a suitable match for the extremely cold weather. 

Allows For Wearing Thermals As Outer Layer 

Outer layers keep your body protected from strong wind or heavy rain. When you go for an outdoor trip, adding outer layers becomes the smartest method. 

It will regulate your comfort level by removing or adding outer layers depending on the weather changes. 

For winter outdoor trips, wearing layers is an efficient approach. If you feel too warm, you can peel off the extra layer. Or, can add an extra layer, if it feels too cold.

As the thermals come in a snug-fitting form. So if you want to wear underwear under your thermals and feel too warm, then you can take off your thermals. 

What To Wear Over Thermals 

You must be thinking – what to wear over thermals. The number of your cloth layers should depend on your activities and weather conditions. 


You can use a scarf, gloves, or hat – as these can be easily peeled off if you feel hot. But these accessories will provide you with warmth in adverse conditions. A pair of socks will also provide you maximum comfort during cold weather. Benefits of wearing these accessories – they can provide maximum comfort and you can easily strip them down if you feel uncomfortable. 

Dressing for outdoor activities during cold weather can become challenging for someone. But using thermals under your clothes can comfortably protect your body from harsh cold air. 


It can be an efficient idea to wear a sweater in cold air. A fleece sweater can be a great choice as it is a great material for the middle layer and keeps your body snuggly. For extremely cold weather, you can wear a t-shirt and sweater over the thermals. But in mild weather conditions, you can drop a sweater or t-shirt. 

Just keep in mind, the sweater needs to be flexible, breathable, lightweight, comfy, and also stretchable the same as your thermals. 

Ensure that your sweater should provide you with much comfort rather than cause skin irritation. Try not to use a wool sweater while on a long outdoor trip or hiking. 


It is the most trouble-free layer to put together. Try to wear windproof and waterproof pants including full-length zippers. So that, you can easily unzip it once you start feeling warm. 

Depending on your outdoor activities such as the squat, running, hiking, climbing – you should wear comfortable pants. During cold air, it is better to wear a heavyweight base layer thermal. Then wear fleece lining pants which work as a windbreaker. 

T-shirt or Jersey 

Based on the weather conditions, you can wear a long or short sleeve shirt or jersey. For extremely cold temperatures, you should avoid cotton as it takes too much time to dry.

You can wear a t-shirt or jersey with less snug-fitting compared to the usual one. A less snug-fitting t-shirt or jersey comfortably fits. 


You can find a wide range of jackets in the store. But while choosing the most suitable one, you should consider the outside weather. It is wise to wear a hooded jacket in excessively cold weather. 

In mild weather, it is better to choose a lightly lined jacket. So, it is good to pick a water-proof and wind-proof jacket to keep you safe from unwanted rain, ice, snow, and extremely cold breeze. 

Are Long Johns Suitable For Camping? 

Your long johns can be a perfect match for camping during cold weather. The clothes you select for your outdoor camping can create a huge difference to make the trip enjoyable or a disastrous one. 

Especially, it is very crucial to select the right clothing for cold-weather camping. While going on a camping trip in adverse weather conditions, then you can select spandex, nylon, lycra, and polyester fabric materials. 

A pair of long johns will give you much warmth and keep your body protected from shivering all night long at outdoor camping. 

Some best models of long johns for camping – 

● Patagonia Capilene Midweight – It is made from recycled materials. It includes better odor control, a functional fly, and a grid backing feature. 

● Smartwool NTS Micro 150 – It does not shrink when drying, is very lightweight, has better warmth, and is sun protection machine washable. 

● Smartwool NTS Mid 250 – It can be used as a single layer during mild temperatures, is machine washable, and provides sun protection. 


What Temperature Do You Wear Long Johns? 

You can wear long johns in -30 Celsius and colder temperatures (-22 Fahrenheit and colder). If the indoor temperature is 18 Celsius or below then you can wear long johns under your usual clothes. 

Do You Wear Underwear Under Thermals? 

Yes, you can wear underwear under thermals. Though there is no mandatory rule, it is completely up to your personal choice and preference to wear underwear under thermals.

Can I Wear Long Johns in Public? 

Long johns are generally used under your usual clothes such as trousers or baggy pants. So, you can wear them as an inner and step outside. 

Should Your Thermals Need to be Tight or Loose? 

Thermal underwear works as a second skin. It creates an insulating layer. But for comfy weather, it is good to use loose-fitting underwear. 

Can I Wear Long Johns to Bed? 

Yes, you can wear long johns to bed. Also, they are super comfy to wear to bed. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are just hunting something to warm up this upcoming winter or if you just go with the latest fashion trend – long johns can be a stunning addition to your closet! Do you wear underwear with long johns – by now, you know the answer and also have learned how to wear long johns and what you can wear over your thermals. During the chilly weather, they can replace your summer clothes to provide you with extra coziness. But in case, you know how to gracefully put them together as an amazing outfit, then long johns can bang on with the fashion enthusiasts out there!


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