Do You Wear Underwear With Board Shorts | 4 Best Options for You!

Have you been making a plan for going to the beach recently? So many questions can arrive then such as what should you wear with board shorts? or, do you wear underwear with board shorts? Most of the time, the answer will vary because of someone’s personal taste and preference.

Board shorts are more casual in the way they’re made. When they are compared to swimming trunks, they are for the casual swimmer. On the other hand, swimming trunks are professional swimwear.

Moreover, this article will tell you what you should wear or not wear with board shorts and also show some alternatives to make the right choice.

What are Board Shorts?

Board shorts are usually a type of swimwear for men and women – that look like casual clothing than a swimsuit. Board shorts are a better choice for people who want more coverage than a traditional swimsuit.

However, board shorts originally are designed for surfers who want extra coverage to protect their legs, breathable, waterproof, and fast-drying. These types of shorts are loose-fit. Board shorts for men are crafted from nylon or polyester material.

Board shorts are the perfect choice for wakeboarding and surfing. These types of shorts are also popular as casual wear. They also have become a part of the skater punk fashion trend.

Types of Board Shorts

You will find two types of board shorts in the market.

  1. Board shorts with built-in liners – As it eliminates the want for underwear, so you do not need to wear underwear with them.
  2. Board shorts without liners – They are affordable and supportive. But before buying them, it is important to decide what to wear with board shorts.

Highlighted Features of Board Shorts

  • More coverage
  • Quick-drying
  • Water-proof
  • Breathable
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Well-designed for any water sports
  • Durable

Benefits of Board Shorts

Board shorts are a great choice for any water sport such as surfing, wakeboarding, etc. There are numerous benefits of wearing board shorts –

  • Absorbs perspiration

Board shorts are made of incredibly breathable material so that they can absorb perspiration. As a result, they can keep you cool at the beach all day long.

  • Won’t ride up

Another benefit of wearing board shorts is that they won’t ride up during intense movements, such as surfing, wakeboarding. 

  • Prevents skin irritation

Board shorts also help to prevent skin irritation while you are spending all day long on the water, such as surfing, fishing, swimming, or boating.

  • Comfortable fit

One of the most important benefits of wearing board shorts – they provide a comfortable fit. They allow for a natural motion range while you are on the beach or in the water. 

  • Protects from sun

Board shorts have gained popularity for their additional length. This additional length provides protection from sunlight.

Do You Wear Underwear With Board Shorts?

Mostly, wearing or not wearing underwear with board shorts depends on personal preference. But, you do not need to wear underwear with your board shorts.

However, some people wear underwear with board shorts to have additional protection and support. Many girls wear bikini bottoms with their board shorts. Many men wear boxers, briefs, compression shorts, or boxer briefs with board shorts.

Why You Should Not Wear Underwear with Board Shorts?

The decision of wearing or not wearing underwear with your board shorts is totally up to your personal choice. Some people like the feeling of regular boxers.  

However, some of them do not want to spend additional money for purchasing boxers, briefs, etc. Although, it is also very essential to know why you should not wear underwear with board shorts.

  • Slow drying time
  • Color fastness
  • Cannot provide better support and protection

The 3 Rules Of Board Shorts You Should Know All Summer

There are 3 rules of board shorts that everyone should know –

Rule – 1

Never wear underwear with your board shorts. Board shorts with liners will fit comfortably just similar to what you get from underwear. As a result, it eliminates the need of wearing underwear with board shorts.

Rule – 2

Never buy board shorts that have elastic waistbands. Because it will look cheap.

Rule – 3

Change it when the sun goes down. So, pack some extra jeans or shorts and change them before entering the pool party.

What Do You Wear Under Board Shorts?

No worries, you will not only have one choice option but also have several options of what to wear under board shorts.

Your First Option: Free As A Bird

You can also choose to wear nothing under the board shorts and feel free like a bird. But the problem with not wearing underwear under board shorts. Many surfers wear commandos with their board shorts.

What To Wear Under Your Board Shorts: The Worst (And 2nd Option)

Cotton + Water = Trouble – this option is not a good one. Moreover, it is just wearing regular boxers with board shorts. Many people use it. 

Never wear regular cotton boxers with board shorts otherwise you will regret it. Cotton cannot dry fast, so it will leave you wet and cause chafing due to wetness.

You can buy swimwear with built-in-lining. Nowadays, there are several brands out there, Chubbies is one of them.

Chubbies – The high-quality fabric of chubbies is water-resistant, incredibly comfortable, and ultra-versatile shorts. It can also dry quickly. You can use them for workouts, swimming, and also as casual wear. 

The Best Option: What To Wear Under Board Shorts

Yes, there is underwear designed to be worn with swim shorts. It is the best option to wear the underwear actually designed to wear with the board shorts. 

Mack Weldon Stealth Boxer Brief – It is the best shorts to wear with board shorts. This underwear is seam-free to make you more comfortable. It also includes body mapping technology.

Another Cheaper Option For Swim Short Underwear

You will find many options while searching. But we present here a few good options.  

BN3th Entourage – Make Your Boardshorts Even Better

The three-dimensional lift, support, and better breathability – make it really comfy. The soft fabric of the BN3th Entourage prevents chafing in your sensitive body parts. It is also incredibly breathable and moisture-wicking.

DryDudz: Cheaper Underwear To Wear Under Swim Trunks And Board

Dry Dudz is a high-performance swimwear company. Dry Dudz compression shorts ensure better support and fast-drying performance. They also provide moisture control, anti-chafing, and prevent skin irritation during extensive workouts.

DryDudz Highlights

  1. Made of both polyester and Lycra
  2. Specially created to wear under swimwear
  3. Machine or hand washable
  4. Provides moisture control
  5. Anti-chafing, irritation-free

Compression Shorts: Another Alternative Option To Wear Under Swim Shorts

You can also use compression shorts with board shorts and swim shorts. Vuori Compression Shorts can be a good choice. 

Vuori Compression Shorts

These stylish compression shorts are a great choice for heavy workouts, swimming, hiking, running, etc. It is lighter in weight yet comfortable. Also, it takes less time to dry up.

A quick disclaimer on what you wear under board shorts – the options mentioned here are not the best-suited for high-performance athletes. But, all of them are specially designed to increase your comfort level and protect you from chafing.


How Do I Solve A Chafing Problem?

You can use any anti-chafe balm to solve the chafing problem. Body Glide is an invisible anti-chafe balm that contains natural ingredients to give you proper protection from chafing during heavy workouts or swimming. You can apply it on the skin that can get wet and cause chafing.

What To Wear Under Swim Shorts Without Mesh?

You will find a lot of options. However, underwear that is designed to wear with board shorts is the better option of what to wear with swim shorts without mesh. 

The decision is yours, You can wear nothing and be a free bird one day. Also, you can use DryDudz the other day.

How Should Board Shorts Fit?

When purchasing board shorts there are a few essential factors to consider – tightness, quick-to-dry, type, and waistband. You should choose board shorts that are tight enough. 

The additional length will protect your legs from sunlight and provide comfortability.  The fit of hips is generally not a crucial factor to consider in board shorts as they are always loose-fit.

What Can I Wear Under Board Shorts to Prevent a Rash?

Wearing surf undershorts can be an excellent choice to wear with the board shorts to prevent a rash. They are specially crafted with a seamless design to prevent chafing and reduce skin irritation.

When Are Board Shorts The Better Option?

While selecting between board shorts and swim trunks is always based on someone’s personal preference. However, there are few occasions when board shorts can be a great choice, such as –

Beach going
Beach sports


When deciding, do you wear underwear with board shorts, in most cases the answer will be a BIG NO! At the end of the day, your personal comfort should be the prime concern.

Wearing only board shorts assists you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. You will understand and appreciate it when you spend more time in the pool. 

The best suggestion for you is to try out all these listed options and identify the most suitable one for you. 


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