What Do You Think Can Girls Wear Boxers?

With so many hard choices, you do not need to spend too much time thinking about – can girls wear boxers? If yes, then how can they wear it as a girl? Wearing boxers is not for every girl. But if you try once, you will become a fan as it will make your life easier.

Boxers are nothing but a loose-fit undie that is usually worn by men. But recently this thought has changed. Boxers are either made of cotton spandex mix or breathable cotton. However, most of the boxers shorts come with a super comfortable and lightweight design to provide maximum coziness.

Can Girls Wear Boxers?

Boxers are only for men – however, this concept has changed now. Boxers are not for all girls – but definitely, it is a worth trying.

Nowadays, women love to wear boxers because of their comfortable and loose-fit design. Plus, boxers provide additional coverage, extra coziness, eliminate wedgies, and chafing.

Boxers have multipurpose use. For instance, women can use boxers as loungewear, athletic wear, or under skirts, etc.

When Should Girls Wear Boxers?

Are you tired enough to deal with the visible panty lines? Then, you can try something new or switch to boxers as it provides additional coverage.

Not only the tomboys but also the girly girls will have a soft corner in their hearts if they use boxers once. Their versatility allows them to wear in different ways according to their preference.

Boxer shorts and briefs – might be a perfect choice for the girl who wants to – try to find out something new, make the visible pant linings invisible, or look for a super lightweight alternative to panties.

The Good And The Bad of Wearing Boxers

In case of, switching to boxers from panties or other bikini-style undies, you need to explore the good and bad of wearing boxers.

The Good:

  • Boxers are loose-fit and comfortable
  • Do not ride up
  • They offer better coverage
  • No more visible panty lines, chafing, and wedgies
  • A way more durable compared to the traditional innerwear
  • Ensure extra warmth and maximum coziness
  • Multipurpose uses

The Bad:

  • Sometimes boxers do not fit right
  • Boxer shorts cannot provide much support
  • The fit can feel buggy

Take The Train To Comfy-Town

When it comes to underwear, comfort is an essential factor to consider. If you are a regular user of the traditional women undie, then definitely you cannot still discover the actual comfort.

Wearing boxer shorts or briefs is way more comfortable than wearing traditional women’s underwear. You can try for 1 week and observe how you feel.

How to Wear Boxers as a Girl?

You will find different ways for girls to wear boxers. There is no specific rule to wear a boxer as a girl.

Some ideas for boxer shorts and boxer briefs:

Boxers shorts – Cargo pants, flowing wrap skirt, peasant dress, lounge pants

Boxer briefs – High waisted mom jeans, joggers, more form-fitting dresses or jumpers

Best Boxer Brands For Women

You can try many men’s branded boxers and easily find out the comfortable one for you. Few brands also have started to make boxers, especially for the girls. Few of them are –

  1. Period Aisle – They producea period-proof boxer brief with additional absorbent power. It can keep up to four tampons worth of fluid.
  2. Tommyboyx – This is specifically best suited for the females who are reaching for boy-style undies. Its waistband is super comfy and soft. Plus, its shape is created for the girls. You will find up to 4XL sizes.
  3. Woxer – Woxers come with a comfortable waistband, better breathability, incredibly soft, and also it is healthy for vaginas. On top of that, it also has an array of cuts and colors, so you can easily choose based on your preference.
  4. MeUndies – They create super comfortable women boxers. All of their products are ethically sourced and their fabric material is breathable.
  5. Hanes – Its extremely soft cotton body keeps you comfortable for the day long. You can choose the most suitable one for their wide variety of women boxers. They are also very wallet-friendly.

Important Things to Consider While Buying Boxer for a Girl

While buying a boxer for a girl, you need to consider some major facts.

  • Quality is a very important factor to consider and you should always invest in good quality. A better quality boxer will not cause any skin irritation.
  • Material is the second prime factor to consider. A good fabric material does not make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty.
  • Size is also very essential while buying boxers. If you want to enjoy the maximum of your boxer, then you definitely need to choose the appropriate size.


Is it OKAY to wear boxers all the time?

Boxers provide better support. However, they are made from super comfy moisture-wicking fabric but it is not wise to wear boxers all the time. Wearing too tight boxers for a day-long can cause skin irritation.

What happens if you don’t change your boxers?

If you do not change your boxers, then you may suffer from a yeast infection. If you do not change your boxers after rigorous activities – then you may get a yeast infection by moisture building up. Not only women but men can also suffer from yeast infections. So, everyone should change their boxers.

Is it bad to wear tight boxers every day?

Wearing too tight underwear can cause a long time can cause skin irritation or infection. Wearing too tight boxers daily can increase skin chafing and vaginal irritation. Moreover, any underwear that is too tight to rub your skin – that can lead to skin irritation.

Can I wear boxers in bed?

According to many experts suggest that sleeping in boxers can enhance the risk of infection and can also cause skin irritation. So, it is better not to sleep in underwear and try to sleep without underwear.

Can you wear boxers under skinny jeans?

If you are not comfortable with skinny jeans or if it is not your preferred style, then you should definitely go for lightweight briefs. The most important factor that you should keep in your mind is should consider skinny jeans and boxer briefs to maintain the right fit.


So, what do you think now – can girls wear boxers? If you are still not convinced then you should undoubtedly try once. You will definitely become a fan of this super comfy innerwear.

It is not necessary to know – how to wear a boxer like a girl. Because nowadays, several brands have introduced their women boxers brand with a wide range of cuts, colors, and sizes. So, pick up yours and move freely without the tension of chafing and wedgies.


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